Monday, November 20, 2017

A320-271N, Airbus, F-WNEO, (MSN 6101) NEO

First Flight at TLS: Copyright: Clement Alloing
The assembly of Airbus’ first A320neo has been completed following painting of the aircraft and the mounting of Pratt & Whitney PW1127G engines. MSN6101, which will be the first A320neo to fly, will soon start its ground tests to prepare for first flight.

The flight test campaign for the A320neo will kick-off in September 2014, paving the way for Entry Into Service in Q4 2015. (Airbus Press Release)

29 Apr. 2014 at FAL Copyright: Airbus
Start of first A320NEO at TLS FAL on 17 Mar. 2014, Copyright: Airbus
A320-271N, Airbus, F-WNEO, (MSN 6101) 1st NEO
NOTE: Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1127G Engines
01 Jul. 2014 Roll-out at TLS
27 Aug. 2014, start of engine ground tests
F1: 25 Sep. 2014 (Call Sign AIB01EO, Hex:38C53B) time: 10:05-12:17
Ferried TLS-AIN: 20 Sep. 2015 (Call Sign AIB101) dep: 7:31
Ferried AIN-SSH: 7 Oct. 2015 (Call Sign AIB20EO) dep: 8:49
Ferried SSH-TLS: 18 Oct. 2015 (Call Sign AIB21EO) arr: 16:01
Ferried TLS-XFW: 28 Feb. 2017 (Call Sign AIB06EO) time: 9:54-12:15
Ferried XFW-TLS: 28 Feb. 2017 (Call Sign AIB07EO) time: 13:59-15:53
Fx TLS-XFW: 20 Nov. 2017 (Call Sign AIB77EO) time: 9:16-11:18
Fx XFW-TLS: 20 Nov. 2017 (Call Sign AIB78EO) time: 13:13-